Lesson Learned

I know that having great expectations only sets you up for great disappointments, but I will admit that I opened this bottle with more than the ordinary amount of anticipation. Not, mind you, for its lowly appellation, but rather for the great reputation of its producer. I have had other Girardin wines (most recently an incredible Pommard Premier Cru) that have been REAL good. Sadly, I can not say the same for this disappointment.

My experience with Girardin’s wines has shown me that they benefit greatly from aeration and I don’t mean a few minutes of glass swirling either. I mean an hour or more of serious-in-a-decanter kind of aeration; these wines need to stretch their legs a bit.

Girardin’s Bourgogne Rouge is a deep and rich ruby, nearly plum-purple in the glass. In the nose, Cuvee Saint-Vincent is very straight forward black cherry fruit, almost juicy with an underlying “Brett” character that added some aromatic interest. I must admit that to find a wine making flaw, such as Brettanomyces, to be the only interesting aromatic quality of a wine is not saying much. It was not excessive in this wine but present all the same. The oak which it did present was very subtle, of high quality and in the background. Yet, in the end, the wine was real simple to the nose.

Cuvee Saint-Vincent was very disappointing on the palate! This wine is terribly out of balance favoring tart acidity at the expense of fruit extract and mouthfeel. To say this wine is lean is an understatement! This wine is way too acidic for the degree of fruit that it offers.

Ultimately, this wine offered no depth, fruit or real aromatic nuance. One’s left asking what was on offer from this wine. I guess even respected producers can falter and who knows, maybe I am being unduly hard on this wine considering its price point, but I do believe there is better for similar money (see my review Beautifully Simple). In the end, I learned that when searching for really great wines from Girardin (truly one of the better producers in Burgundy) I will pony up the money necessary to make greatness happen! This wine, however, I can not recommend.

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