Middle of the Road

Another well made inexpensive pinot that I found uninspiring. To be honest, I was on the fence about this one for the duration of its drinking. The pinot fruit successfully avoids the common pitfalls suffered by so many domestic PNs at this price point, but it is too cloying and a bit astringent in it’s finish to be enjoyed for more than a single glass.

2003 Angeline Pinot Noir has a deep transparent, ruby and very fresh complexion, akin to lean merlot, while her nose showcases ripe pinot fruit. The wine needed some aeration to blow off a little excess sulfur from the first pour to the last. The aromatic nuance that it does offer is due to pretty good oak integration (some vanilla, dust and masculine spice) but its nose is straightforward in the fruit department: black cherry and raspberry preserves. Definitely not a wine that rewards with layers of aromatic depth.

Therefore, I approached this wine with hopes that its palate would be finely balanced along a smooth textured-fruit and lean acidic beam. I found this wine to be too full and cloying in rich fruit extract, lacking the grip necessary to carry its full frame, and although the wine finishes with some acidity, it seemed astringent to this taster.

If you search for a wine that offers jammy textures and some quenching acidity this wine would be acceptable. While certainly a well-made wine I believe this pinot appeals most to those who prefer a wine which is in the middle of the road: traveling somewhere between big oak and extract and aromatic nuance and traditional winemaking. Perhaps this is mass-produced pinot at its best but I believe there are many other wines far more interesting for similar money. Therefore, I can not recommend this wine.

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