Oregon Crowd Pleaser

With a NH state retail of $16.99 this wine delivers true, albeit one-dimensional, pinot character for the money. With a price and package to please this wine will surely score big in the competitive under $20 Oregon pinot noir category.

Jezebel’s color is a deep ruby suggesting rich fruit extract (perhaps achieved with a long cold-soak?) and her nose is a pleasant balance of smoky oak and true pinot fruit with a hint of forest floor aromatics. Jezebel delivers perfect balance of tart cherry fruit to finishing acidity and is a wonderful mid-week accompaniment to dinner (I enjoyed this with white rice, wilted broccoli rabe and sauted swordfish). The wine’s silky mouthfeel is marred only by a persistence of warming alcohol. The wine is medium-plus in extract and offers a pleasant weight and texture to the mouth, while avoiding all the extremes common to most pinot at this price point: charred oak and over-ripe fruit flavors.

I recommend this wine for someone desiring a good Oregon pinot for under twenty bucks. This one is for simple enjoyment and offers a bit more weight and polish than most for the money. Jezebel will never be the center of one’s attention but start your weekend meal with this wine followed by something more substantial and you will be pleased. Recommended!


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