Savoir Faire

Vincent Girardin’s Emotion de Terroirs is an anomaly. Here is real Burgundy, attractively packaged for the “New World” wine drinker, possessing consumer-friendly varietal labeling AND informative back-copy, and all of this grown, produced and bottled by a highly regarded “real-deal” winemaker. The goal here is to offer pinot of good value that captures the spirit of Burgundy: a revolutionary concept for the tradition-bound French!

Like other wines I have enjoyed from Girardin this wine benefits greatly from decanting. A strong reductive quality (sulfury odor) took time to blow-off and only did so after nearly an hour of aeration. However, once free from this smothering odor Emotion de Terroirs proved to be a real treat.

In the nose, good cherry fruit and subtle forest floor aromatics were very much evident. Emotion de Terroirs has a fleshy texture which is very pleasing. Like most French pinot I have enjoyed, this wine shows no alcohol heat and has very balanced acidity. The oak cooperage here used added depth and warmth, with its contribution of cocoa and coffee to the nose and mid-palate. This pinot was very food friendly and a pleasure to drink.

In the end, Vincent Girardin’s 2002 Emotion de Terroirs is a dramatic step-up in quality and far more interesting than the previous Girardin Bourgogne Rouge I reviewed herein as Lesson Learned. The world needs more wines like Emotion de Terroirs because they serve as sound foray for American consumers into GOOD French pinot noir. I recommend this pinot with one caveat: DECANT THIS WINE!!!

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