Spring’s Preference

I have had this wine before. During this past winter, which here in New Hampshire was quite cold and snowy, this pinot was enjoyed with two lady friends over dinner and with a great fire roaring away. The wine made an impression in that setting so I was excited to have it again.

Talbott Vineyards is a family-owned and operated winery focused on quality: there is no phantom company operating this winery! Talbott focuses on chardonnay and pinot noir exclusively and is the fruit source for many other great wineries in California’s Central Coast. In fact, one can find Sleepy Hollow Vineyard on more than a few bottles of quality (and pricey) pinot.

Talbott’s 2000 Logan Pinot Noir is garnet in color with developed brickish hues from nearly five years in bottle. In the nose, the wine is sweet cherry fruit, nearly candied in quality, with very pleasant vanilla from excellent use of oak. This pinot is very polished and integrated, showcasing the softness that can come from bottle age. On the palate, Sleepy Hollow Vineyard is finely balanced possessing an extremely silky mouthfeel. This wine is very rewarding in its softness and elegance. Some subtle leafy qualities are evident beneath a tart rhubarb flavor that was very satisfying; this wine offers wonderful and interesting fruit to the nose and palate.

Unfortunately, this wine is marred by a persistent alcohol which I found to be fusel. Inhaling deeply, the nose simultaneously discovers pretty fruit and polish, laced with ethyl acetate and sting. This was subtle to be sure but especially dissapointing when considering how great this pinot is in so many other ways.

In the end, I did like this wine and believe that Logan Pinot Noir is an excellent choice for a heartier meal, and who knows, no longer needing heat to stave off Winter’s chill, it may be Spring demanding less alcoholic pinot. Recommended!


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