Welcomed Dinner Guest

Now here is a pinot that knows just what it wants to be! To be sure, La Crema Pinot Noir is simple and fruit forward, but it is refreshing to find a pinot that does this so well offering great value in the process. La Crema is well-known for their chardonnay which enjoys a cultish following, representing a significant step-up in quality from the usual Kendall-Jackson set. This pinot is a worthy companion to its paler sibling and is a great wine to enjoy with food.

2003 La Crema Pinot Noir is a transparent and ruby red. This wine is lightly extracted and perfectly balanced from start to finish. It offers bright cherry and raspberry aromas and although decidedly fruit forward, La Crema is in no way over-ripe in fruit character. This is real pinot…..just simple! The palate is rewarded with a soft texture which is smooth and balanced, finishing like tart cherries in the mouth. The little oak this pinot does present is well-balanced and pleasant.

In the end, La Crema impressed me in that it never tried to be anything more than what it was. Unlike some similarly priced pinots that are over-wrought and cooked-through, the simple fruit flavors and excellent balance that La Crema Pinot Noir presents are both honest and refreshing: welcome guests at my dinner table! Highly recommended!

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